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Introducing JRS Studio

JRS Studio is the official studio for LMR Programming Language. The JRS Studio includes IDE, Interpreter for live programming and more cool features.

LMR Programming Language's syntax is easy and familiar to other Programming Languages syntax, LMR is easy and recommend to beginner-programmers.

JRS Studio is free open-source software that created for you. you can improve yourself LMR Programming Language and JRS workspace anytime you want.

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Weekly is free website management service.

Create your proffesional website now with more than 20 themes! Weekly offers you free domain or your domain! Register less than 2, choose your theme, settings and the conent and enjoy from your free website to your customers / readers etc.

The service is avaiable just in Israel right now.

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lThe new social network that I builded.

'LYRICER' is free service to share with the world. Register now, start to upload and share your favorite songs.

Search now your favorite songs, listen them while you read the lyrics and enjoy with others feedback.

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Flighter is flight search engine. you can search for flights, check TLV Airport's flights board (Departures and Arrivals) and view real time flight tracking.

Also blog and other staff is included.


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