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morning by Green Invoice

My story with Green Invoice (now morning) begins in 2021, as an entrepreneur. I was actually a discharged soldier with zero knowledge of the world of accounting, with over 5,000 clients that I need to issue receipts for them according to the law, and that’s how I found “Green Invoice” – I was a client …


CFD trading platform designed for the European market.Server-side development and full development of internal systems in the company as an employee×¥ I retired from the company in 2023.


An Israeli tourism company that focuses on young people and summer destinations.Designing an order and payment system with full integration into the CRM system of Salesforce


WeCome is an advanced arrival confirmation system developed together with and for the entrepreneur Gilad Ben Atia.WeCome was the first complete and sophisticated system I developed completely from scratch.A system with excellent UX/UI, advanced technologies, and full interface to third-party providers such as SMS, payments, WhatsApp, and communication. Offered a complete system for event owners …

Villa Master

DEPRECATED. A project that unfortunately did not get to see publication.Villa Master was supposed to be a large system for marketing B&Bs and holiday villas in Israel.The alternatives today are mostly static websites with a rather outdated design and a terrible onboarding experience.Villa Master was supposed to bring order and automation in the world of …